Monday, December 23, 2013

All about Power Tool Safety

There are a lot of tips as well as safety procedures which should be carefully followed while using power tools. First of all it is very important to be careful when maintaining and using your tools. Here we are going to discuss a few safety tips to use your tools and also how to keep yourself or anyone else from getting injured while on the job.

Take care of the tools

To get the maximum performance it is advisable to keep all your tools sharp. Clean them after every use or follow the instructions of the manufacturer on how to maintain your power tools in the best possible way. Keeping them clean ensures they are always ready to use the next time. Before using the power tools make sure you inspect them to make sure they work properly.

Importance of maintaining the cord well

When the tools are not in use it is essential to make sure that they are locked properly, the safety is on and that they have been placed somewhere safe. If pets or kids are around, the tools should be placed in a high and secure place. Also make sure that all cords are put away and secured so that the tools cannot be pulled down accidentally or tripped on. It is vital to keep the cord of your power tools in proper condition.

How to avoid getting injuries?

By putting the device and cord away properly after finishing the work can help to prevent fraying of the cord and damage to device that could lead to bodily harm. Do not yank the cord to disconnect it from tool, and if you discover the cord is broken or defective, it has to be repaired before attempting to use the power tool again. The golden rule is that you should use your common sense - without it, any person using this tool is at risk of getting injuries!

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